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In the use of site

We appreciate your accessing Keio Department Store website blog.
Keio Department Store manages our website blog and runs.
Besides you have you read the following items mentioned, and you understand beforehand, and please use on using.
※In addition, please note that rules of mention may change contents to our page without notice.

Movement environment

You can use basically if it is the Internet and connected PC.
We use part "Cookie" "JavaScript" to have you use by customers with our website blog usefully and enjoy. When use of Browser which is not available to "Cookie" "JavaScripts" and "Cookie" "JavaScript" becomes invalid, we may not display page definitely. In Browser, you set licensing of "Cookie" "JavaScript" effectively, and please use.

Recommended environment

<by Windows in the case of the use>

More than Windows 7.0: After Internet Explorer11 Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome (the latest edition)

<in Mac in the case of the use>

More than Mac OS X 10.9: Safari (the latest edition)

<with smartphone in the case of the use>

[OS] After iOS9.0 after Android4.0
[Browser] iOS: Safari (the latest edition) Android: Google Chrome (the latest edition)

With our website blog, there is page to see using latest Adobe Flash Player in some pages. In addition, Adobe Reader is necessary when we read PDF file and print. Downloading that is the latest than the following, please install one and thing of old version which are not installed in use.

Latest Adobe Flash Player from this ≫
Flash Player
Latest Adobe Reader from this ≫
Acrobat Reader

About protection of personal information

We take severe security measures for unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information of customer and leak. About our privacy policy, please see this.

Link setting

As a general rule, it is limited to either of general top page, each shop top page about link. In addition, for any damage that our website blog causes by contents of each site linked to and the use, we do not take responsibility.


Our website blog changes information without notice, and please note that you stop or you may cancel. In addition, we do not thereby take responsibility for any damage to occur. About publication of our website blog, we go down with extreme caution, but do not guarantee usefulness, accuracy, safety (problems to occur on hardware of customers and the software) of publication information.


As for all information (sentence, image) published in our website blog, Copyright Act is protected in laws and ordinances concerned unless it is special. It is free, but forbids using "the personal use" or "quotation" unless Copyright Act was accepted in laws and ordinances concerned about reading. When information of our website blog is used without our consent, you violate Copyright Act, Trademarks Act, and please be careful as you may deal with right of likeness, breach of privacy. In addition, please be careful in "the personal use" of the information or "quotation" when third party except us is information having copyrights as consent of owner such as the copyrights is necessary.

Governing law, competent court

The use of our website blog and interpretation of these Terms of Use and application shall be based on Japanese federal law. In addition, about all disputes about use of our website blog, is destined particular elsewhere; do Tokyo District Court with first trial exclusive jurisdiction court as far as there is not.