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Autumn beauty healthy fair held news

Under holding → Sunday, October 22
[Japanese doe Chinese medicine boutique]

We prepare recommended beauty health Item at seasonal turning point that adopted Japanese medical herb which is familiar with us from old days,
In [Japanese doe Chinese medicine boutique], we hold fair.
As you prepare beauty health Item that feelings of store specializing in Chinese medicine were jam-packed, come.
※Image is image
(50 ml)…505 yen
We combine 100 mg of low-molecular hyaluronic acid with 1,000 mg of collagen peptide.
It is collagen Drink which combined 12 kinds of beauty ingredients.
In one 28kcal, it is fat zero.
Preservative, synthetic preservatives is drinkable in peace without using.
kagae humidity retention skin care series
(from the back row left)
(30 ml)…6,264 yen
Cleansing oil
(150 ml)…4,104 yen
120 ml)…4,104 yen
Cleansing form
(100 g)…3,456 yen
Milky lotion
(60 ml)…4,104 yen
(the front row)
Essence cream
(30 g)…6,696 yen
We combine Shie Ray kiss (humidity retention ingredient) with all Item.
We finish on lustrous skin with moisture.
In addition, they are additive-free, and all discerning mineral oil, synthetic pigments, paraben, synthetic flavor, ultraviolet absorber does not use.
It is herbal cosmetic Seelye's wrapped in sweet flavor of damask rose.
Kaga Sumi Eve Rukh <bathwater additive>
(250 ml)…2,916 yen
Recommended damask rose flower oil and geranium are fragrant in Japanese Angelica Root root, Peony Root root, Cnidium Rhizome, discerning beauty ingredients with Japanese medical herb mixture extract "four arms extract" of four kinds of dirt shop Rehmanniae Radix roots and relaxing thyme refreshingly.
It is bus milk quenching mellow hot water zawaride, skin with moisture.
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