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Chilly Drink & sweets fair

Until Wednesday, September 13
Each floor, Shinjuku Keio dining
Target store

We offer recommended chilly sweets and Drink only in this season in summer!
When you want to take a break a little in interval of shopping, please drop in.

Snow cone rose hip peach…918 yen
Drink set…1,134 yen

Fully wrote syrup which we made with rose hip peach of herb tea, and topping did fruit.
●5F green Bath

sumu-jipafe…864 yen
On the smoothie of southern country fruit, it is topping in sherbet of summer fruit and kiwi.
●2F La Table

Snow cone of mango…756 yen
On pannakotta of mango, we attached mango snow cone and mango sauce, sorbet and mango was all and finished.
●8F Shinjuku Keio dining [La Villetta]

In addition, we offer this season-limited chilly sweets at the following store.
4F [Ginza France shop]
8F Shinjuku Keio dining 
   [Ginza SEIGETSUDO Head Office] [Salon de The Colombin]

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