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Mobile coupon information

After subscribing mobile, it is available
Coupon which we are delivering as of Keio Department Store mobile member

Food floor bargain coupon

■Thursday, November 2 → Sunday, December 31
Coupon which is usable anytime every day in shop targeted for Shinjuku Store food floor during exhibition period!
[an example of coupon]
・[Enoteca] It is purchase more than tax-included 3,780 yen
 "shireni nano" (187 ml) gift
・[Yamabun] It is purchase more than tax-included 2,160 yen
 "Mini-hail" (one bag) gift
・[MAISEN] Mini-minced meat and burger
 Tax-included 152 yen → 108 yen

Shinjuku Keio dining profit coupon

■Saturday, April 1 → Saturday, September 30
●Shinjuku Store 8F Shinjuku Keio dining

※We change without notice by unavoidable reason and may be finished.


[La Villetta] [eight preference dining Hassun] Advantageous coupon which is available in this.


[an example of coupon]

・[La Villetta] We provide pizza of seven kinds of objects for 1,080 yen only in every Wednesday.


≫"Shinjuku Keio dining" For more information


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