KEIO Asahi sky beer garden | Keio Department Store Shinjuku KEIO Asahi sky beer garden | Keio Department Store Shinjuku

On the day it is limited to the use! All-you-can-drink plan usage with food available

❶ Please choose plan with all-you-can-drink at reception desk.
※We would like same group equivalence plan.

❷ Tell about number of people.
※Please pay rate of customers which is late, and joins beforehand. ※All the end time is state same time.

❸[A] Please choose one in Food you like from ... [E].
※Photograph is for one.

❹ Please choose the first Drink among Drink menu for all-you-can-drink plan.

Drink Menu is this

❺ The staff guides to seat. We explain use guidance afterwards. The staff sends the first Drink, dishes to seat.
※It is self-service from the second cup.
※You have not crowded Cup about additional Drink, and come to exclusive counter.
※Ask person in charge about other any questions.

Advance order for Trickster menu

●Application for Trickster menu is web reservation or call the day before by 5:00 p.m.!

TEL. 03-5321-5349 <directly> charge / Harada

Food MenuPowerful Menu

Variety Dish




Drink Menu ★Seal is Drink targeted for all-you-can-drink plan.