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Shinjuku Station 1-minute walk! "dejikyu" comes up on the roof of Keio Department Store which is access convenience!
We raise machine parts, condiment, expendable supplies, Tuesday necessary for barbecue, and refuse disposal is included all in rate, and take-out of troublesome preinclination, garbage is unnecessary barbecue ground convenient at all.

Under advance order acceptance!

Than advance reservations system <2 person> (24 hours acceptance)
Dial for exclusive use of BBQ reservation : TEL.0570(09) 0014 (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

As for the procurement of guidance ingredients of food floor advance order ingredients under the ground and drink, Shinjuku Store basement food floor is very convenient. We make advance order at telephone, store until three days before the use.
TEL. 03-3342-2111 <main switchboard> (extension number 2955 Prepared meals floor)
Store: Semibasement Prepared meals floor Delicatessen

Contents may be changed by season, weather.
※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

◆Other meat
Iberico pork chopped medium sparerib (product, 300 g of Spain) 780 yen
Cubed steak (New Zealand, 400 g) 1,080 yen
Pork boston butt Nishikyo roast business (domestic three pieces) 580 yen

Product image

※Price is all tax-included.
※About specific raw materials said to be allergic cause, ask person in charge.
※Drinking of minor is prohibited by law.
※Drinking of customers that car or motorcycle are driven has you decline.