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Congratulations or condolence gift

Information for congratulations or condolence gift

Opportunity of various gift-giving, family celebration, return favors will rotate at knot turning point of the life.
In Keio Department Store, we offer catalogue depending on purpose, content of gift,
We help with customers.
Please feel free to contact.

We offered this catalogue in scene of various gift-giving

KEIO gift selection

Put together in various gift scene and, marriage, celebration of delivery, can choose article from family celebration to long-lived celebration.
National free shipping product and popular product, catalogue gift et al. are wide and have.

※We attach the points by the use of KEIO Passport Cards.

※Cash, KEIO Passport Cards, various credit cards can use payment.

※La La Port Shimmisato Store has a limit to done product buying to go.

We offered this catalogue for return favor of condolences

Catalogue for exclusive use of return favor

We had a lot of articles appropriate for tomoraiji.
We offer various products including 400 selections of national free shipping KEIO recommendation gift.

■The specialized person in charge asks.
(please transmit to telephone of publication from notification or inquiry form on our page.)
※Area to visit is limited to Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba.
But there is area not to be able to visit partly. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
■We help with greeting card arrangement.

※Cash, KEIO Passport Cards, various credit cards can use payment.

Memorial service trivia Q&A is this

For more details, please contact the following reference.

Request, reference of congratulations or condolence gift catalogue


Toll free number 0120 (203) 180
Regular customer off-premise sales department return favor gift charge (acceptance time from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.)

●The Internet

To catalogue request form
※The specialized person in charge asks to home and, only for return favor, can guide.
When you wish to visit, please choose "request + visit hope of catalogue that you are for return favor" (tomoraiji).


In the case of visit, come to the following section of each shop.

Shinjuku Store
6F gift salon 03(3342) 2111 (main switchboard)
Seisekisakuragaoka Store
7F gift certificate, gift salon 042(337) 2111 (main switchboard)
La La Port Shimmisato Store
048(950) 1050 (directly)
sereo Hachioji Store
042(686) 3331 (directly)

This can purchase some articles directly.