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KEIO gift card

Slender, stylish present Cards type gift certificate "Keio Gift Card" (KEIO gift card)
Case for exclusive use of Keio Department Store
Compact size which enters wallet.
Besides, design is available and can set amount of money by 1 yen unit, too.
It is gift card of electronic money type that both side to give and given side are nice.
Pattern order type

"Pattern order design Cards"

○It is available for various celebrations, family celebration.
○We can place message depending on request of customers.

Pattern order design Cards
Order type

Memory in form…"Original order card"

To celebration and gift in return of marriage, delivery,
Leave your photograph and message
When we make commemorative Cards, how about?

  • Step1

    Take photograph and picture (print or data).
  • Step2

    We place original message.
  • Step3

    Please choose amount of money. I hand on the spot.

※By the number of orders, it may take time, date.

Original order card

[order, inquiry]

Keio Department Store
Shinjuku Store 6F gift certificate floor
Seisekisakuragaoka Store 7F synthesis Service Center

●Keio Gift Card (KEIO gift card) mentioned above can be chosen all by setting of 1 yen unit to from 1000 yen to 100000 yen (issuance upper limit amount of money).
●Amount of money is not displayed by the Cards body. We enclose amount of money confirmation votes.
●It is available in Keio Department Store Shinjuku, Seisekisakuragaoka Store (only in B building department store floor), La La Port Shimmisato Store (only in 1F Keio Department Store), sereo Hachioji Store (only in north building 4F Keio Department Store).

※Pattern order design Cards original order card charges tax-included 100 yen because of one piece of Cards as processing charges separately.
※We handle thing of contents against photograph and design, public order and morals that might violate right of likeness and copyright, and there is not.
※By quality of kind, state, image of the memory media, it may not be available.
※The number of the letters of message includes limit. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

You can confirm the balance of KEIO gift card by four methods.


You can confirm from this.

Balance confirmation from this

②Mobile phone

You can confirm from cellular phone. Please access from QR cord on the back of Cards.
※QR cord is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE.
※It may not be available depending on model of cellular phone.

QR cord

③Keio Department Store store

I will check at store.
Please report to sales floor person in charge.

④Toll free number

We guide by automatic sound 24 hours a day, every day.