Smart lapping

Keio Department Store advocates in our action idea saying "we try for company activity in consideration for irreplaceable global environment." and performs energy saving, resource saving, activity of environment load reduction including reduction of refuse toward eco-friendly company.

Keio Department Store promotes smart lapping that Japan Department Stores Association proposes from June, 2006 for container packing reduction.
Smart lapping is to have you choose packing that matched use for reduction of environmental load. We confirm request by calling to customers and plan promotion of simple packing and announce to be able to have understanding in customers by broadcast in building, printing to receipt, poster notice.
In addition, we performed making, sale of original my bag available repeatedly from October, 2006 and offered print that did pigeon same as our wrapping paper from October, 2007 in motif. We increased colors to three colors in August, 2016, and much customers used. In addition, we contribute profit of this original my bag to Japanese Alpine Club "fair made with forest of Takao".
※Photograph may be different from real color by setting of screen.

About donation accompanied with sale of Keio Department Store original my bag

About Keio Department Store original my bag selling in us, Profit for from March, 2016 to February, 2017 sale in full "contributed to Japanese Alpine Club "meeting made with forest of Takao". "Meeting made with forest of Takao" arranges the forest such as planting activities targeting at back Takao small Shimozawa national forests from 2001.

It is the amount of profit for sale: 117,534 yen
Support Friday from us: 32,466 yen
The donation total sum: 150,000 yen

April, 2017
Keio Department Store