• Keio Tomo no Kai

    Membership system that features privilege and special treatment

    You do addition (CHARGE) and can use for 13 months when you added bonus privilege for one month of the amount of savings in constant savings at expiration of a term 12 months later for fair Pass of friend as shopping Cards every month in department store. Furthermore, we save point with KEIO pasupo-toka-do when we use in total. In addition, we sell participation in culture - classroom and ticket such as drama, concert at member price. Hotel, inn, leisure facilities, restaurant is membership system that is available with courtesy rate, too.
  • Elite

    We create new value through Fashion, miscellaneous goods

    Other than plan development and wholesale of Ladies’wear brand "mi deu" for adult woman that Trad loved more than the times was produced by basis, we develop store specializing in miscellaneous goods "rimone" along KEIO. In addition, we take store administration of new business condition small size shop "rimonepurasu" of Keio Department Store.
  • KEIO costume

    Special apparel and photograph to attach brightness to per day

    We have a lot of good-quality apparel appropriate for wedding ceremony in "apparel room of KEIO" (Keio Plaza Hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji) hotel. The experienced staff snuggles up finely and we total and support. We offer morning suit or formal kimono with a decorated skirt suitable for celebrations of attendance and bestowal of an order of wedding ceremony.

    We accept "photograph room of KEIO" (Keio Department Store Shinjuku 8F) souvenir picture, profile photograph, various ID photo. We offer apparel coloring adult celebration, Seven-Five-Three Festival, child including graduation hakama, day when grandchild is bright.
  • serekuchua

    Online shop which suggests pleasant living in simple

    "Willful living" is Angers Web shop of theme and, from interior miscellaneous goods to kitchen goods, Fashion, baby kids, has Item adding happiness to daily life a little bit. With space to be able to enjoy while relaxing slowly, we suggest lifestyle so that usual cafe needs.

    >>Angers web shop is this
  • Keio Unyu

    It is supported various transit needs until office move by moving

    Moving of individual We provide moving service that can leave "I carry from one chest" to customers for password in peace. We prepare personal putting in order and service to support rearranging, "shukatsu" including consultation of the inheritance during the lifetime abundantly.

    Corporation-like moving We cope with total in corporation-like various needs including disposal of remodeling, move of office and discarded things. We make use of know-how that we cultivated so far and perform suggestion of most suitable move plan, and security, quickness provides surely.