Privacy policy, use purpose

Privacy Policy

To offer the best service to customers.
Managing information of important customers safely, and using along purpose definitely,
We recognize to be one of the most important duties.

From duties properties of "trust, trust, security", still higher view on ethic and corporate activity notice what is demanded about personal information protection and devise strict independence standard that stepped than laws and regulations let alone obeying "law about protection of personal information" more, and Keio Department Store (it is said as follows with us) obeys this.
There must be personal information of customers so that we provide the best service, and it declares duty that is the most important to us and thing that it recognizes, and it manages according to policy that it raised particularly below safely and it uses along purpose definitely here to protect the information carefully. Keio Department Store

  • 1.Personal information protection official regulations

    We devise "personal information protection official regulations" as the appropriate acquisition, management of personal information, standard of the use.
  • 2.The system in the company

    It determines CPO (pocket chief privacy officer) summarizing personal information regime and posts manager for personal information handling in each department, and the cause of the instructions manages appropriate protection.
  • 3.Identification of use purpose

    We identify the use purpose as much as possible beforehand on dealing with personal information of customers.
  • 4.The acquisition of personal information

    We have prior consent of customers about use purpose of personal information, and we acquire personal information by in necessary range and appropriate method.
  • 5.The use of personal information

    When we use personal information, we decide to use within the use purpose that had you agree to customers in advance and do not do the use except the purpose.
  • 6.Accuracy, safety

    We are appropriate and rational to keep personal information in the correct and latest state, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak; take safety measures.
  • 7.Limit of third party offer

    We disclose, and we do not offer personal information of customers to third party except the following cases.
      (1) When we have agreement of customers
      (2) When it is based on laws and ordinances
      (3) When we cooperate with government offices by circumstances in particular
      (4) When we entrust duties trust point within the fair use
  • 8.Education, enlightenment

    We perform employee education about personal information protection and plan well-known thorough personal information protection.
  • 9.Supervision of commission

    We perform supervision, management, instruction of trust so that safety management like us is planned when we entrust with the handling of personal information.
  • 10.Disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information

    When customers demands disclosure, correction, deletion about personal information of self, we deal after having confirmed the person as far as it is rational.
  • 11.Observance and improvement of laws and ordinances concerned

    We obey laws and ordinances applied about personal information and review "privacy policy" "personal information protection official regulations" appropriately and try for improvement.
  • 12.Contact

    We establish "customer service" to cope with inquiry, consultation about our personal information.
  • The above

Customer service

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Use purpose

Product information, living information, after-sale service uses for various inquiries, notification about sale duties such as information for various special treatments, en quete, delivery, repair.